I Thought I Knew Better…

Marketing and Business!For the longest time, I have had everyone and their brother (and maybe their sister and aunt too) tell me, “You’re such a good photographer, you should sell your work…” and I generally ignored them. After all, I knew how good everyone else was and I knew how many photos were out there on the Internet – hint, it’s Carl Sagan’s billions and billions. Why waste my time on a business that was doomed to failure?

…But I Was Wrong

But then I came to a realization. I didn’t need to make a living off my business. In fact, I didn’t need to necessarily even break a profit with a photography business. Although I certainly wouldn’t complain if I did. I already had a job – a new one where I was moving into a role as a digital marketing specialist. So what I needed to do was re-frame the way I thought about things. Instead of:


I adapted to a new way of thinking. In my mind, it became:


So now the photography business would be pulling double duty. I would get to do the photography that I loved but I would also get to explore new marketing techniques and learn how to succeed (and fail) at running a business – things that I could take back to my full time job.

Enter the Blog

And what better way to do that to blog about things as I learn them? I could document the process for my own benefit and maybe someone else would get useful information out of it. And of course, I would get the benefit of content marketing by writing the blog.

Of course, I’m taking a bit of a risk – I’m telling the potential customers of my photography business how and why I’m marketing to them. People often don’t like to realize they are being marketed to. I’m hoping that the honesty won’t hurt.

After all, I have a business to run…

Business and Marketing Blog – Really?

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