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This is the first in a series where I talk about the reject photos that didn’t quite make the cut at Fragilescape. In this series, I’m going to talk both about what I liked about the reject photo and what I disliked. Then at the end, I’ll make available the original full sized reject photo, with a light watermark, so that you could use it for a wallpaper background or whatever you’d like.

Reject Photo Likes

It’s all about the pattern with this particular reject photo. I love the way the stripes move from one corner of the image to the other, fading in (or strengthening, depending on what direction your eyes start from) as they move.

Reject Photo Dislikes

There’s not enough going in this reject photo to really be interesting hanging on someone’s wall. There are only two colors, which in and of itself, is not enough to kill this, but when you combine that with the fact that there are no points of interest to draw your eye…

Basically, this is a very good texture but not a good enough abstract.

Original File (4 MB – 3096 x 2064)


Reject Photos: Patterns in Board
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