Flame heats the air going into a balloon at the Freedom Balloon Festival in Zebulon, NC.

Day 33 was an interesting challenge. I came away from the Balloon Festival with 550 some photos, half of which got discarded after first pass. But that still leaves 225 photos, of which many will be similar in look and feel. How to distinguish and figure out which ones are interesting? This one hit a lot of my key points:

  • There’s some action going on – flame is being lit
  • The balloon in question is colorful
  • Most of the shot is taken up by the balloon, but not all of it. This allows for some perspective.
  • There is at least one other balloon visible somewhere to give the feel of a festival of balloons.

It needed a bit of a crop and a bit of a rotation to give the balloon that slightly angled appearance. Then some general detail enhancements and good to go, with the final result which shows the scene well while still being interesting in its own right. Welcome to Day 33!

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365 Project Day 33 – Filling the Balloon
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