My name is Andy Whitfield and I’m the writer/editor of Fragilescript, a blog about photography and about marketing my photography business, Fragilescape. In my civilian identity, I’m pivoting into a new job as a digital marketing specialist. So this blog is my attempt to both document my process as I try and run a business (perhaps unsuccessfully) and also talk about the interesting marketing things I’m learning and trying out.

So this blog is actually very meta. It is talking about marketing my photography business, but it is also a direct tactic for marketing my photography business. So I’ve put myself in an interesting spot. I’m Dorothy, reaching around and exposing the man behind the curtain, showing you how it all works. At the same time, I’m hoping you’ll still buy my photos, even when I’m specifically mentioning the techniques I’m trying to use to sell to you. If I produce good enough content, will the person that finds me via the blog appreciate it enough to buy some photos anyway? I guess we’ll see.

When I’m not marketing my photography business, I’m an pen-and-paper RPG gamer (check out our wiki!), an avid reader, and most importantly. the father to a 12 year old daughter. If there are ever long pauses in content, you can almost guarantee it’s going to be devoted to her.

In addition to this blog. you can find me on Fragilescape’s Facebook page and on Twitter at @Malificent (did I mention I was a big Disney nut?). If you’ve found me, welcome aboard and I hope you stick around!

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